You are prayerfully invited to FCC Longview online through the JustGive service!  Simply click on the "Donate Now" button at the bottom of this page--this will automatically open up the JustGive page to securely process your donation in three easy steps:

First, you choose the donation amount, what contact information you would like to give us, and for whom, if anyone, you would like to dedicate your donation to.  

When you're done, click "Add to Basket," and then click "Proceed to Checkout."  

Finally, click "Guest Checkout" (or, set up an account with JustGive if you wish to!)  There, you will be able to complete your donation in full.

As we are a religious not-for-profit entity, any monetary donations made to FCC are considered tax-deductible to the extent permitted by federal and state laws.  Upon completion of your gift, the JustGive service will provide you with a receipt that meets all IRS documentation requirements for tax deduction purposes.

We rely on your generosity to fund our amazing justice and mission ministries in addition to our day-to-day expenses.  Any amount that you feel moved to give, no matter how big or how small, is gratefully and prayerfully appreciated!  This includes covering the processing fees for a donation--our agreement with JustGive is great for us in that we are not required to pay a monthly subscription fee like many similar services, but we do have to pay a 4.5% transaction fee on all donations.  The JustGive page allows you, upon checkout, to choose to cover the transaction fee yourself if you so choose.

Privacy: We treat the privacy of all our givers with the utmost respect.  The JustGive page allows for you to give anonymously if you so choose, or to leave us only your name without any of your contact information.  If you wish for us to have any of your contact information with your gift, please rest assured that your information is safe with us. Under no circumstances do we sell or disseminate the contact information of our givers to anyone outside of FCC.