Here you can listen to several of Pastor Eric's sermons from 2012 through 2014 as digital recordings.  Simply click on the link to the sermon you wish to listen to, and your browser will take you a page where you can begin playing the sermon as an mp3 file.  

Feel free to check back every now and again, as we do add to the sampling of sermons that are located here.  Due to bandwidth limitations, we cannot archive every sermon recording here, but we do try to include at least one sample sermon from each of Pastor Eric's sermon series.

Easter 2014: "He Goes Ahead of You," Matthew 28:1-10

March 16, 2014: "Friends Don't Let Friends Blame the Fish," Jonah 1:11-17 (part of the sermon series "Friends Don't Let Friends...A Lent Alongside Jonah")

Epiphany 2014: "All Jerusalem," Matthew 2:1-12

December 22, 2013: "Fasting and Feasting," Isaiah 26:16-19 (part of the sermon series "A Place at the Table: An Advent in Solidarity with the Poor")

November 17, 2013: "The Great Divorce," John 12:44-50 (part of the sermon series "The Screwtape Sermons: Exploring Scripture with C.S. Lewis")

October 13, 2013: "Losing Belief, Finding Faith," Mark 9:14-24 (part of the sermon series "Seeking God Anew: Faith, Doubt, & Other Lines I've Crossed")

June 9, 2013: "The Year of Jubilee," Leviticus 25:8-17 (part of the sermon series "Behold a New Thing: The Tribal Church")

Pentecost 2013: "I Live the Resurrection," Acts 2:1-15

Easter 2013: "Idle Tales of Immortality," Luke 24:1-12

January 6, 2013: "As Dreamers Do," Matthew 2:1-12

October 28, 2012: "Inspiration," 2 Timothy 3:14-17 (part of the sermon series "What's Asked in Worship Stays in Worship: Banned Questions About the Bible")

August 5, 2012: "I Am the Bread of Life," John 6:35-40 (part of the sermon series "Ego Eimi: The I AM Discourses of Jesus")

June 17, 2012: "Post-Modern Parthia," Revelation 6:1-8 (part of the sermon series "The Greatest Movie Never Made: The Book of Revelation")

April 15, 2012: "Easter Hill," John 11:1-7 (part of the sermon series "The Lazarus Mission: In Search for the Meaning of a Miracle")

Easter 2012: "Long Live the Lamb," John 20:1-10, 21:15-17