What to Expect...

What might you find happening on a typical Sunday morning here?

As you enter the worship space of our sanctuary, you will be met by a greeter who will welcome you.  Feel free to introduce yourself and to sit wherever you feel comfortable in the sanctuary.  We offer visitor contact cards, and we also keep a guestbook by the doors to our sanctuary.  Please take a moment to fill out one or the other if you wish so that we know that you were here with us this Sunday!

You will find people dressed in a wide array of styles--some will arrive in jeans and t-shirts, others will be here in their "Sunday Best."  We believe that God welcomes all people into His house regardless of how well-dressed they are!

For young families, we offer nursery care for children aged 5 and younger, quiet worship activities (coloring books, children's Bibles, etc.) for children if you wish to have your child remain with you during worship, a storytime specifically for children as a part of the worship service, and after storytime we have children's Sunday School, designed for children aged 6-10, while their parents can remain in worship.

At our 9:45 am adult spiritual education classes, you will often find guided discussion and dialogue about any number of topics, ranging from Bible study to popular culture to Christian history and the worldwide church.  These tend to be facilitated, peer-led discussion sessions rather than lecture-based classes, so come with your whole heart and your whole mind ready to engage the Word!

Our 11:00 am worship service is generally one hour long and represents a hybrid of the rich traditional and contemporary styles of worship in the church.  We begin with a series of songs from our house praise team, the Joyful Noyz band, before having a children's storytime as well as a communal prayer.  We then hear the week's Scripture passage and message.  We always conclude our services with Holy Communion, which everyone is warmly invited to partake in, members and visitors alike.  Our lay worship leaders and our pastor, Rev. Eric Atcheson, will guide you through each step of worship, and the PowerPoint presentations will provide the lyrics to all of our songs.

A typical worship service will look something like this:

Praise songs, usually three or four in all.

A storytime where children are invited forward for a moment of worship created especially for them.  They are then invited to the nursery or Sunday School.

A pastoral prayer for people to offer up their joys and concerns usually follows.  This is typically performed by Pastor Eric, and the praise team will often include a lyrical call to prayer.

Scripture is then read and we hear Pastor Eric's weekly message for us.

After a praise song in response to Pastor Eric's message, we have a moment for people to offer their tithes, offerings, and gifts to Christ's church.

We then conclude by partaking in communion (which everyone is invited to participate in), followed by a final praise song and a closing blessing from Pastor Eric.

Sermon Series

Pastor Eric's messages often come in the form of multi-week sermon series about particular topics, themes, or Bible stories.  His previous sermon series here have included thematic sermon series based around a particular theme or question (such as the experience of having to wait on God's Word in your life, or the meaning of "I am" in Scripture), verse-by-verse sermon series based on a particular Bible story or book within the Bible (such as Jonah, Habakkuk, or the opening of Acts), and sermon series based on a book by another author, such as Carol Howard Merritt's "The Tribal Church" or Jay Bakker's "Faith, Doubt, and Other Lines I've Crossed."

You can find full manuscripts for all of Pastor Eric's sermons at his blog, The Theophilus Project